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Our website is always up to date! We also supply bulk to wholesale customers, so can rely on your order being in stock and being rapidy sent to you.

All costs on screen


Simply indicate where you're from in our shopping basket and the computer will automatically calculate the product prices, weights and shipping costs for you before you order. You only proceed if you agree and there are no hidden costs!

Best prices

Compare our prices, you'll find we have the most competitive rates and the most extensive choice of products!

Top quality

MyPalms shop stands for top quality. Should any damage arise during transport please mail us within 48 hours and we will investigate. Please send us digital photos of any damage.


Cheapest transport


We ship huge numbers of plants and have therefore been able to negotiate extremely competitive transport rates, which we gladly pass on to you! All costs are calculated automatically as you order, but for your information we also display product weights on screen.

Maximum fee - one pallet!

Products which cannot be packaged in a box are shown with a fork-lift icon instead of a weight; this means a maximum of one pallet will be charged. Thats right, your second and subsequent pallets travel free!

See our full list of transport rates!

Express delivery


Your orders are dispatched immediately. Customers in Benelux and Germany will usually receive goods within three days of ordering, and customers in other countries on average a day or two more


MyPalmshop We deliver throughout Europe. To see what rates apply and what sizes we can transport to your area, please select your country in the shopping basket and select your products. The computer will calculate everything for you and you only proceed with your order if you agree!
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